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Woretermoteteyer- Woretemoeteyenner

Aboriginal Life Stories - Robinson's Clan Guides

Also known as Bung or Pung, Woretermoeteyenner and Wattermoteer meaning gumtree, is believed to be the first wife of Straitsman George Briggs and gave birth to the first recorded child of mixed heritage in the eastern Bass Strait islands. During her time in the islands she accompanied the Straitsmen on voyages as far across the Indian Ocean as Rodrigues/Mauritus islands off the east coast of Africa. She was renamed Margaret by Robinson and spent some time as a guide in the early 1830s. Her age in 1837 was estimated about 40 years old. Robinson records her home country at Big Musselroe, therefore belonging to the Coastal Plains Nation of the northeast coast. Woretermoteteyer's daughter Dalrymple (Dolly) Johnson was successful in having her mother moved from the Wybalenna establishment to live with her until her death at Latrobe in 1847.