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Aboriginal Life Stories - Robinson's Clan Guides

Also known as Plorenernoopperner, Jock and Fanny. She is believed to be sister to Woreternattelargenna and belonged to the Poorrermairrener clan from the Pipers River area. Her clan was part of the Coastal Plains nation (Plomley, 1966, 821). Robinson estimated her age at about 26 in 1831 and she had lived with the Straitsmen for some time on the eastern Bass Strait islands. She was taken from the islands by James Parish and joined Robinson's troupe as a guide on 21 August 1831.

Woreterpyeerternanne was married to Tunnerminerwait (Nepoleon) and with her husband she accompanied Robinson to Port Phillip Bay in 1839. Tunnernimerwait was hanged in Victoria on 20 January 1842. She was still alive at Wybalenna in1845 (Plomley, 1966, 993) and, as her name was recorded as going to Oyster Cove in 1847 (WIS p 194), it is believed that she died at the cove sometime between 1851 and 1855. Moreover her death is one of fifteen that have not been accounted for at Oyster Cove during this period when Joseph Milligan was in charge and his figures are described by Plomley as 'seriously defective" (WIS p 945).