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Tanleboneyer (Sall)

Aboriginal Life Stories - Robinson's Clan Guides


Known to the Straitsmen as Sall, Tanleboneyer was apparently renamed Maria by Robinson. She was a Loontiteermairreloinner clanswoman from Little Swanport located within the Oyster Bay nation. Tanleboneyer lived as a Tyreelore (island wife) to Straitsman Jack Brown before joining Robinson's party as a guide in 1830. She was taken from Gun Carriage Island by James Parish who was under orders from Captain Donaldson to bring women from the islands to assist with the military operation known to Robinson as 'The Line' or 'Great Army'. Tanleboneyer was aged about 23 in 1830 and she became Mannalargenna's second wife sometime after arriving on Swan Island and before being exiled on Gun Carriage Island in late December 1830. Tanleboneyer joined her husband Mannalargenna soon after he was taken off Gun Carriage Island on 5 August 1831 to assist Robinson with his mission to find the small groups still in the northeast bush. Tanleboneyer accompanied her husband as a guide on the expeditions around the island from 1831 to 1835. She became ill on arrival in Hobart Town in 1835 and was hospitalised and passed away on 1 May 1835. Tanleboneyer was 28 years old when she died (Plomley, 1987: 825) and Mannalargenna lost his second wife.