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Aboriginal Life Stories - Clanspeople Encountered

Also known as Trowlebunner, Tranlebunna and Rowlepanna meaning 'crow' or raven. Tranlebunna was renamed Achilles by Robinson. He was a Plangermairreenner clansman from the Penny Royal Creek nation whose landlocked country covered the district of Mt Ben Lomond and the lower plains along the Fingal river valley through which the Mangana Lienta [South Esk River] ran. Tranlebunna had lost an eye, probably as a result of inter-nation warfare and was referred to by Robinson as 'the man with one eye'. He had been married to Toogernuppertootenner or Pueprittehe, who was later renamed Maria, who had lived in the islands as a Tyreelore until being removed to the Gun Carriage Island Aboriginal Establishment in 1830. Tranlebunna was short in stature at 5'2"[156 cm], about 23 years old in 1830, and lived in exile on the islands until his death on the 4 July 1847 of catarrah.