Telling Places in Country (TPIC)


Aboriginal Life Stories - Clanspeople Encountered

Memerlannelargenna was a Tyerrenotepanner clansman from the Stoney Creek nation. His country was located in the midlands near what is now known as Campbell Town. He was about 24 years old in late 1831 when the small group he was with were contacted by Mannalargenna inland near the Umu Ground on the banks of the Little Pipers River. However, he escaped into the bush some time after and was believed to be in his clan country in October 1831. (Plomley, 1966, 485 - 488) When he was eventually taken to Wybalenna on Flinders Island Robinson renamed him Algernon. He was also known as Charley. Memerlannelargenna died from chronic visceral inflammation and pneumonia on 20 February 1837 and his grave is marked number 80 on the Wybalenna burial ground plan.