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Aboriginal Life Stories - Clanspeople Encountered

Also known as Kanneherlargenna and Umarrah (believed to be a corruption of Hugh Murray) Moulteheerlargenna had been a servant to a man named Hugh Murray. He was a leader of the Leterremairrener clan, of Stoney Creek Nation and had been responsible for causing the death of several white people. He was convinced by Mannalargenna to meet with Robinson at Little Pipers River in late August 1831. Moulteheerlargenna told Robinson that his clan was warring with Mannalargenna's clan and Mannalargenna had speared him in a fight. While on a visit to Launceston with Robinson Moulteheerlargenna suffered from severe dysentery, which was the cause of his death on 24 March 1832. Because he was not baptised he was buried without Christian rites in the Launceston cemetery.