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International Study

At the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre we offer ALL our courses fully online to a global market.

There are no on-campus components and therefore our courses are ideal for our international students. You can complete an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from your home country and still connect with your peers worldwide in an online environment.

The Wicking Dementia Centre has been offering online education since 2012 and we continually update and refine our courses to ensure we provide the most relevant and up-to-date information based on the latest research evidence.

The rising prevalence of dementia globally is creating new challenges and opportunities within the health and aged care sectors. By undertaking study and learning from the global experts in dementia education, you will increase your knowledge to enable you to provide better care, advice, and strategies around dementia.

Education is crucial to help reduce stigma and improve the lives of people living with dementia and their families.

  • Courses are delivered entirely online, with no face to face component
  • Dedicated Student Advisors guide students’ learning
  • No exams (assessments may include quizzes, discussion boards, essays, and presentations)
  • Flexible, full time and part time study options are available
  • A full time study load is 3-4 units per semester; part time is 1-2 units per semester
  • Each unit will require around 8-10 hours each week for study
  • We offer our courses in two semesters (terms) each lasting 13 weeks. Semester 1 starts in February with Semester 2 starting in July.

We are able to offer world-class, global education with competitive fee structures.

Diploma of Dementia Care M1D – an eight-unit course particularly relevant for carers, aged care and community health workers, and anyone with an interest in learning more about dementia. You will develop skills to prepare for the challenges facing the health and aged care sector as our global population ages.

Diploma of Dementia Care A$17,950 £9,790 €10,730 CAD16,640 USD12,710 SGD17,230

Bachelor of Dementia Care M3S – Australia’s first degree specifically focused on dementia. With the rise in prevalence in dementia and the need to provide quality care, it is becoming essential that health care workers in aged care develop specialised knowledge in this field so that you can make a difference to the lives of people living with dementia.


Bachelor of Dementia Care

A$55,757 £30,420 €33,320 CAD51,690 USD39,470 SGD53,510

Master of Dementia Program M5X/M6X/M7X – Our postgraduate program is aimed at graduates and professionals currently working within, or building their expertise in, a field related to dementia. It offers a comprehensive understanding of dementia from the perspective of individuals, families, communities, health and social care systems and governments.

A key to the success of this program is incorporating your personal context into all study areas. Acquired knowledge will be linked to your individual situation in all assessments, making the program relevant and up-to-date.

We are able to offer international students the following fees, which represents a discounted rate for all postgraduate study, giving you the opportunity to complete your Master of Dementia for approx. A$18,000.


Graduate Certificate in Dementia

A$6,000 £3,300 €3,590 CAD5,560 USD4,250 SGD5,760

Graduate Diploma of Dementia

A$12,000 £6,550 €7,170 CAD11,130 USD8,500 SGD11,520
Master of Dementia A$18,210 £9,820 €10,760 CAD16,690 USD12,740 SGD17,280

PLEASE NOTE: these are all indicative fees only, subject to change and exchange rate fluctuations.