What are the differences between school and university?

You'll notice some big differences between school and university.

Teaching and learning at university has a different approach. For each unit, students have scheduled lectures and tutorials. Some courses include practical sessions or workshops.

The academic year is structured as two main semesters, each comprising 13 weeks of teaching. Within each semester, the required attendance at lectures and tutorials (called 'contact hours') can be as little as 12 hours a week for a full-time enrolment. This means you'll have less structured class time than at school.

Motivation is a very important. Although formal class time is much less than at school, university students need to put in 5-6 hours per subject each week reading for tutorials, preparing for assignments, and studying for exams.

As a university student, you'll be treated as an adult. Any communications about you with third parties (e.g. your parents) are subject to Australian privacy legislation.