The University of Tasmania believes that lifting educational attainment is key to a more skilled, productive and prosperous Tasmanian community.

We want to ensure that as many Tasmanians as possible are able to acquire the knowledge and qualifications they need for the jobs of today and the future.

This means attracting more students into higher education and providing high quality, relevant and affordable university courses in modern, fit for purpose facilities.

This is the reason that the University has joined with the State Government, the City of Launceston, and TasTAFE to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to discuss the establishment of a new campus in central Launceston.

The partners

The partners collaborating in this proposal are the Tasmanian State Government, the City of Launceston, TasTAFE and the University of Tasmania.

The vision for an expanded University in the North

Improving Tasmanian education outcomes

The university is aiming to attract 10,000 new students into tertiary education in Tasmania over the next decade.

As many know, the proportion of Tasmanians participating in further education lags well behind other Australian states and comparable regions overseas.

Not everyone wants – or indeed needs – a university degree or other qualifications. But up to 20,000 post-college young Tasmanians and mature age students who meet university entry requirements are not going to university when they could. The University and TasTAFE in particular see the potential for this partnership to improve outcomes for all Tasmanians undertaking further education by strengthening and building more programs and pathways for students to transition through all levels of training and education.

Many of the potential new students will be in the North and North-West, where post-college retention rates are lower.

Together with all the partners on this project, we know that better educational attainment is directly linked to better employment prospects, higher incomes and productivity, and a more prosperous economy.

Expanding our teaching and research

The University offers more than 190 degree programs from the Launceston campuses.

Alongside these existing undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs, we aim to expand education opportunities.

We will add new industry-relevant degrees to help Tasmanian industries such as aged care, allied health, business, IT, smart manufacturing and agriculture, and provide an affordable path into tertiary education. These will have strong pathways and connections with TasTAFE.

To attract students and provide the quality of education required by modern technology and industry, these courses need to be delivered in appropriate, up-to-date facilities of the kind we are proposing for a new Launceston campus.

A new focus for innovation in Launceston

The University is committed to pursuing opportunities for innovation in the North, building on Launceston's proud history as one of Australia's most innovative cities. Expanding our existing Inveresk presence and locating facilities close to the CBD and the new Innovation Hub at Macquarie House will improve the opportunities for collaboration between industry, government and the University. A CBD location - as well as being attractive to both staff and students - also means students are better able to manage a work/study balance, and that they can benefit from being located near the central public transport hub.

Expanding our existing co-location alongside TasTAFE at Inveresk will further support the pathways and connections for students between the two organisations.

We envisage growing our existing northern-based research centres as part of this move. Our ultimate goal is for the University to continue to support the best possible education outcomes for our students, while driving innovation and economic growth through high-quality international research and teaching, complemented by a strong industry-related and flexible learning path.

The concept plan

The State Government's commitment to the development and revitalisation of the northern cities has created the opportunity for a major improvement in our facilities. At the same time, the City of Launceston through its Greater Launceston Plan, has identified expanding education opportunities in the region as a key priority to driving growth and a strong economic future.

A more modern, accessible and purpose-designed campus closer to the city will help the University to attract potential students as well as high quality staff to teach and support them. Co-location with TasTAFE will further support student pathways between the University and TasTAFE. A new inner-city campus would also bring life, energy and economic growth to Launceston. Revitalised infrastructure open to the community and the creation of new jobs will help bolster Launceston's position as one of Australia's most family-friendly cities.

The concept plan showcases elements of our vision to guide growth and development of the University's Launceston campuses into the future.

The concept plan has been developed through discussion with our partners, and the various partners' own strategic plans. It will be further refined in response to the feedback we receive from the local, regional and University communities.

Find out more about the concept plan

Get involved

We'll be providing information and updates over the coming months including brochures posted to residences and business premises in the local area, updates on this website, a regular newsletter, and information displays.

Community Information Sessions in the local neighbourhood will be announced shortly.

To sign up for more information please contact us using the form on this site, email us at or write to us at 125 Forward, Locked Bag 1356, Launceston 7250.