Centre for Rural Health

The Centre for Rural Health (CRH) was established in 1997 under the Regional Health Strategy of the Australian Government. We aim to improve access for rural and remote communities to appropriate health services by encouraging students to pursue a career in rural practice and supporting health care professionals working in these areas. The CRH is one of 13 University Departments of Rural Health established around Australia, and is linked to these other Departments through its membership of the Australian Rural Health Education Network (ARHEN).

The CRH is a research-focused academic unit uniquely positioned within an island state. We support the clinical placement of undergraduate students by maintaining a network of learning and accommodation sites across 21 rural and remote communities in Tasmania. The Centre delivers continuing education to working health care professionals in Tasmania.

We welcome graduate research students and create a supportive, learner-friendly environment in which they can undertake their studies. By drawing on a wide range of skills and expertise, staff engage in a vigorous and diverse program of high quality rural health research that position the department as locally relevant, nationally competitive and internationally recognised. Current areas of research fall under the broad areas: Rural Health Workforce Development (including recruitment and retention strategies); Rural Training Strategies; Innovative Rural Service Delivery Models to enable the Provision of Health Services to meet Community needs; and Improving the Health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.