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Admission Requirements

Admission to undergraduate courses is available to domestic applicants from a range of educational backgrounds. The General Entry Requirements (GER) for UTAS undergraduate courses are listed below. Individual courses may have higher requirements.

For information on individual courses, including prerequisite knowledge and specific entry requirements please visit the University's Courses & Units website. You can also enquire online for advice on the application process and the available pathways to study at UTAS.

We encourage you to apply for the courses you most want to study. If you’re not eligible to enter your chosen course right now, the UTAS admissions team will work with you to find the best pathway option.

In addition to the GER below, most undergraduate courses use the ATAR as part of the assessment process. Some courses have a minimum ATAR needed for an application to be considered. Information about specific ATAR requirements is available from the course and unit handbook page for each course.

Students who have not received an ATAR may still eligible for admission to many courses. Applicants without an ATAR will be assessed according to their study plan, subjects and results and given an Assessed Entry Score (AES). This entry score will be converted to a percentile rank based on the TE to ATAR conversion table.

Tasmanian Certificate of Education

Applicants who have completed the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) meet the GER if they have SA results in at least four Level 3 or Level 4 subjects accredited by the Office of the Tasmanian Assessment, Standard and Certification (TASC).


Applicants who have completed an interstate senior secondary certificate and have an ATAR meet the GER.

International Baccalaureate

Applicants who have completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma meet the GER.

To find out more about the IB Diploma points to an equivalent ATAR please refer to our International Baccalaureate website.

Overseas Secondary Qualifications

A range of overseas senior secondary qualifications may meet the GER. Examples of secondary qualifications that are comparable to an Australian Year 12 include, but are not restricted to:

  • GCE Advanced 'A' Levels
  • New Zealand NCEA Level 3
  • The United States Advanced Placements (APs)
  • All India Senior School Certificate
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Please upload copies of your results and graduation certificate/award at the time of your application submission.

You can also enquire online for advice about whether your qualification meets the GER as well as equivalencies for any specific entry requirements for your chosen course, including ATAR equivalencies.

Non-Standard Senior Secondary Studies

We understand that some students complete a different study path that does not award an ATAR. These include Vocational Education and Training (VET) study, senior schooling at home, or attendance at a school which follows a non-standard curriculum.

If you have completed a ‘non-standard’ senior secondary course you will be assessed according to your study plan, the subjects studied and results attained on a case-by-case basis. Evidence of the curriculum studied, together with any independent assessments or references from external tutors need to be provided by applicants who have completed a ‘non-standard’ senior secondary course.

We strongly advise students who completed non-standard senior secondary studies to enquire online before applying for advice on the documentation needed to support an application.

Applicants who have previously undertaken higher education studies meet the GER if they:

  • Have completed the UTAS University Preparation Program or an equivalent enabling program offered by another Australian university; or
  • Have completed a course at Diploma level or above at any Australian higher education provider (or equivalent overseas qualification); or
  • Have partially completed a course at Associate Degree level or higher at any Australian higher education provider (or have partially completed an equivalent overseas qualification). Applicants must have completed the equivalent of at least two units of study (equivalent to 25 UTAS credit points). If an applicant has failed any units the application may be subject to further review before an offer is made.

If an applicant has been excluded or suspended, whether permanently or temporarily, from any tertiary institution, in Australia or elsewhere, all details of the exclusion or suspension must be included in the application. Further information is available from the Readmission website.

Applicants who have previously undertaken VET / TAFE studies meet the GER if they have completed a Certificate IV or above.

Applicants who have completed a Certificate III (or equivalent overseas qualification) may be eligible for several pre-degree courses. Enquire online for more information.

Applicants seeking admission on the basis of work and life experience must complete a personal competency statement. We are only able to offer students a place in a course where we are satisfied that they have sufficient experience to enable them to succeed in their chosen course.

Aptitude tests, including the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT), may meet the University of Tasmania's General Entry Requirements (GER). You can enquire online for further information.

Some courses have prerequisites and other requirements that applicants must meet in addition to any aptitude test.