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Admission Requirements

Admission to many courses is available on the basis of a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Applicants may apply for admission to the University on the basis of meeting General Entry Requirements (GER) and satisfying any course prerequisites and specific entry requirements.

GER is met when Tasmanian Certificate of Education applicants have SA results in at least four level 3 or level 4 subjects accredited by the Office of the Tasmanian Assessment, Standard and Certification (TASC); a Year 11/12 ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) or are eligible for concessional entry. To be considered for concessional entry an applicant's performance in the TCE and any supporting evidence of their capacity to undertake higher education study will be assessed. Supporting evidence may take the form of the successful completion of TAFE/VET study for example, or be in the form of advice from the School or College Principal or Career Advisor.

The University has approved arrangements for recognising senior secondary results (TCE and VET) for students who do not qualify for an ATAR through completing two years post-compulsory study and completing the required minimum four TASC pre-tertiary subjects for university entry. Applicants are allocated a notional TE score based on their studies.

UTAS recognises a variety of alternatives to the ATAR for assessing a student's eligibility for a course, including Other Senior Secondary studies

Applicants with an ATAR or eligible for concessional entry meet GER.

Completion of the IBD meets GER.

Completed qualifications equivalent to the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) meet GER.

UTAS understands that some students complete a different TCE study path that does not award an ATAR. Examples of this study path are Vocational Education and Training (VET) study, senior schooling at home, or attendance at a school which follows a non-standard Curriculum.

If you have completed a ‘non-standard’ Senior Secondary course you will be assessed according to your study plan, the subjects studied and results attained on a case by case basis. Evidence of the Curriculum studied together with any independent assessments or References from external tutors need to be provided by applicants who have completed a ‘non-standard’ senior secondary course.

Applicants who have completed an AQF Certificate III qualification which is related to, and relevant to their intended field of study or discipline, or applicants who have completed a Certificate IV or above, meet GER

Applicants with completed prior university study undertaken at university diploma level or above at any Australian University, or the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) equivalent, meet GER.

Applicants with partial University study at the Associate Degree level or higher with a passing GPA (ie 4.0/7.0) based on a 50% study load in undergraduate –degree level subjects, meet GER.

Applicants with partial University study who have failed some subjects require review before proceeding to offer.

Successful completion of all units in a university enabling program meets GER.

Aptitude tests, including STAT, may meet GER.

Applicants who have not successfully completed senior secondary, tertiary or TAFE/VET study, but have relevant work and life experience and background are required to complete a personal competency statement to demonstrate how that experience meets the University's General Entry Requirements.

GER is met if the applicant can demonstrate sustained employment background or work and life experiences that demonstrate a capacity to succeed in their chosen course of study.