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SafeZone is an app for your mobile device that allows you to quickly and easily contact and request assistance from the University Security Service for yourself or others. It's free to download for all students and staff, and operates across all of our University campuses and facilities.

The University strongly encourages all staff and students to download SafeZone in the event that they need to call on assistance for themselves or others.

How to get SafeZone

  • All University staff and students are pre-registered on SafeZone. All pre-registered users receive an email with information on SafeZone and how to install the app. Pre-registration also allows for all University stakeholders to be sent communications from the University about incidents and events.
  • To download the app, head to and follow the simple instructions for your device.
  • Once you have downloaded the app, you must sign up for University of Tasmania campuses. Once you're signed up, if you make a call or send an alarm, it will be received by the University Security Service. They will know your location and act on your request.

Frequently asked questions

University Security Services will be contacted directly and you can speak with them or message from the app.  Your location will be provided to University Security Services automatically, allowing for rapid response by staff and the provision of appropriate support.

SafeZone will function within all University campuses and sites for all staff and students.  These campuses include Sandy Bay, Hobart, Taroona, Newnham, Inveresk, Cradle Coast and all residential colleges and student accommodation.  If you are outside these locations, use of SafeZone will directly contact Emergency Services.

When pressed, the SafeZone alert buttons start a short timer before contacting University Security Services.  The alert can be cancelled during this timer with a single press of the button.  If the alert is sent before you can cancel, you can cancel the alert when you are contacted by University Security Services directly without issue.

You do not have to be checked in for SafeZone to work for you.  Checking in is a function that shares your location with University Security Services in real-time, and is generally only required for emergency responders such as First Aid Officers and Fire Wardens.  You may receive a notification requesting that you ‘check-in’ on SafeZone, or decide to ‘check-in’, if there is a serious incident on campus (involving building lockdowns or evacuations), if you are working in a high-risk area such as a laboratory, or if you are working alone or outside of normal business hours.

Your location information is not stored or tracked on SafeZone.  Your location is only available in real-time for the purpose of ensuring your safety during a serious incident or for emergency response by University Security Services.

You do not need to sign in or out using SafeZone. SafeZone will run in the background allowing you to receive notifications or raise alerts wherever you are.

You can re-install the application on any new device as necessary, logging in using your registered email address.  If your email address or phone number changes, you will need to contact University Security Services to update your details in the SafeZone system.

The current version of SafeZone is compatible with the Apple iPhone and Android devices with at least V2.2 of the Android Operating System.  SafeZone requires the activation of Location Services and Wi-Fi for most effective operation.

As part of the app download process, you will be asked to agree to the SafeZone End User Licence Agreement. You will also be asked to login using your University of Tasmania single sign on details.

Your location is only shared when you either check in or raise an alert (emergency, first aid or help), use the Check-in or Check-in Timer features, or submit a tip-report that includes the location.

All information provided by users of SafeZone is held in a high security data centre and all data transmissions are encrypted. All information you provide as a SafeZone user is protected by Privacy Laws. SafeZone’s privacy policy is located within the app by tapping on the menu button and tapping on Privacy Policy or on the CriticalArc website.

SafeZone has a number of features designed to optimize battery usage. Motion and activity detection limits the amount of location polling which is carried out (if allowed in your device’s permissions). Also, remember to move SafeZone to the background once checked-in or when not being used by tapping on the device’s home button.