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Stall and liquor permits

If you are planning to have a stall or event on University property, you might need to obtain a permit.

Stall bookings

Liquor permits

In accordance with University by-laws, a person shall not distribute or consume any liquor on University land except where a licence or permit has been obtained under the Liquor and Accommodation Act 1990, or where a liquor permit has been obtained from Infrastructure Service and Development (see liquor permit application details below).

How to obtain a liquor permit

For TUSA-affiliated clubs and societies: go to the TUSA liquor permit application page.

For all other applicants:

Step 1: If liquor is to be sold and/or an entry fee charged and alcohol served, first you need to apply for a Commissioner for Licensing Special Liquor permit

Step 2: Then apply for a University liquor permit via the liquor permit application form (PDF 48.5KB) (attach the above special liquor permit if alcohol is to be sold at the event).

Conditions for the issuing of liquor permits

Liquor permits will not be approved for functions which may disrupt the teaching and research activities of the University, or which may in any way embarrass the University. The liquor permit may be altered or revoked at any time by the University.

Liquor permits will be granted on the condition that:

  • The liquor permit application (PDF 48.5KB) has been completed, sent to Infrastructure Services and Development, and signed by the Executive Director, Infrastructure Services and Development (or delegate) prior to the function.
  • There is a responsible person present at the event who will be able to exercise personal effective control of the consumption (and sale if applicable) of liquor on the premises of which the permit is sought.
  • The serving of liquor ceases at the specified time and consumption of liquor ceases not longer than 30 minutes after that time.
  • The premises used for the function are vacated within 1 hour of the expiration of the time limit for serving liquor.