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The University's mail service contract is managed by Infrastructure Services and Development (ISD).

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are some countries that have closed their borders to mail.  Before you send your mail, please check the Australia Post see if your destination is affected.  Changes to these destinations are happening frequently, so please ensure you check for any updates before posting.

Important:   Temporary updates to mail delivery due to Covid-19 campus restrictions.

Campus and External site delivery schedules below apply until further notice.

temporary delivery schedule

Internal mail delivery

Delivery time: 1 working day

No stamp is required for internal deliveries.

See the list of internal mail bag numbers for University schools and sections.

Approx Time.Box No.Department / BuildingSchool / Section
1025135Nursing & Midwifery Domain house 71 Brooker Ave
10307Underwood centre157 Elizabeth St
1035116Academic Division (Midcity)96 Bathurst St
104023MenziesMenzies Reception, 17 Liverpool St 
 99Faculty of Health science4th Floor MS1
 143Wicking & dementia4th Floor MS2
 34Pick up mail only 2nd floor MS2
 68School of MedicineUpper 1st  Floor MS1
104596Clinical School 4th-5th years3rd Floor RHH 43 Collins St
 32Clinical LibraryGround Floor 43 Collins St
105056Art Library37 Hunter  St  
 57School of Art 
 59Legal Studies 
1055129IMAS20 Castray Esplanade, 1st floor
 80Antarctica / CRC 
105817Media SchoolL2  2 Salamanca Square
110063Music5 Sandy Bay Rd 2nd Floor
 88Music Library 
110593Jane Franklin6 Elboden
11101Office of Research301 Sandy Bay Rd, 1st Floor
 105Graduate Research301 Sandy Bay Rd, 2nd Floor
 90ROCU301 Sandy Bay Rd, 3rd Floor
1115140Events & ProtocolDobson Rd, Admin centre, 2nd Floor
 119Global DivisionDobson Rd, Admin centre, 2nd Floor
 3PVC ResearchDobson Rd, Admin centre, 2nd Floor
 51Vice Chancellor                         Dobson Rd, Admin centre, 3rd  Floor
 67Transformation projectDobson Rd, Admin centre, 1st  Floor
 52Student MarketingDobson Rd, Admin centre, 1st Floor
112025Morris Miller LibraryDobson Rd, Drop off only
 45Student CentreInside library door
112226PharmacyDobson Rd Chemistry Building
 74Central Science Lab 
113220Uni Club – Pickled PearDobson Rd
113440Development &Alumni OfficeDobson Rd 
113676SurveyOld IMAS Building Level 2
 70University CollegeOld IMAS Building Level 3
113861Sport & Rec 
114089LawGrosvenor St
 62Law Library 
114555School of Biological SciencesCollege Rd,2nd floor
 54Agriculture4th floor
115547ExaminationsGround Floor, Old Medical Science
 141Centre for Environment2nd floor
 38International Services2nd floor
 114Domestic Student Recruitment2nd Floor
 48Scholarships & Prizes1st floor
 120Student Operations1st floor
 11Admissions Team1st floor
121512CSIRO15 College Rd
122594Accommodation Services  20 College Rd
 15ISD 20 College Rd, Top floor 
124066EducationHytten Hall 4th floor, French St  
 14English Language CentreHytten Hall 2nd floor, French St  
 19Co-op BookshopUnion Building, Churchill Ave
 117Student Mobility Office 
 13Uni Doctors 
130084School of Business & Economics3rd floor
 87Discipline of  ICT3rd floor
 65Engineering3rd floor
 50College of Science & Engineering 2nd floor
131578Geography& Environmental Studies3rd Floor Clark Rd
 79Earth Sciences                                         3rd Floor Clark Rd
133095Communications OfficeArts Lecture Theatre Building
1340115Student Retention & Success Team2nd  Floor Social Sciences Building
134530Psychology1st Floor Social Sciences Building
135037Maths/Physics4th floor Physics Building Clark Rd
 113Sense- T2nd Floor
140069IT ResourcesCorporate Services Building, TT Flynn St
 35Infrastructure Services and Development/Campus Services 
 42Governance &Legal 
 46Human Resources 
141541School of HumanitiesHumanities Building, entry 3rd floor        
 44College of the Arts , Law & Ed5th floor
 22School of  Social SciencesSocial Sciences Building, 5th floor
 6RiawunnaSocial Sciences Building, 3rd floor
143025Morris Miller Library Dobson Rd
  Last collection leave at 2:30pm 
1440103Rural HealthABC Building
1450 Drop mail to Hobart Business HubMornington TAS
Approx Time.Box No.Department / BuildingSchool or Section
9.00  Collect University Mail from Launceston Post Shop, Cameron Street
 306INVERESKVisual and Performing Arts, C.P.A- Conservatorium of Music
 362INVERESKVisual and Performing Arts, School of - Visual Arts
9.25323INVERESKArchitecture and Urban Design/Engineering, School of 
 324INVERESKTimber Research Unit-Centre sustainable architecture with wood
 378INVERESKSchool of Fine furniture 
  INVERESKCollect Library Books from Learning Hub
9.401321 Transformation Program
   Programmed Maintenance Services (Little Hut)
9.50400AMCAMC Search 
 394AMCMaritime Communications
 393AMCTransition Projects 
 392AMCLibrary ( deliver to UNI Library 312) 
 390AMCProject Unity TO 399
 398AMCPrincipal/Pro Vice Chancellor  
 395AMCMarine Engineering & Hydrodynamics  
 396AMCNational Centre for Marine Environment  
 397AMCNational Centre For Ports &Shipping  
 301Mail/ Deliveries
 375MT  PL  Tas Institute for Agricultural Research 
10.15311B1Library-Document Delivery  
 312B1Library-General Sales
 351B2Deputy Vice Chancellor      
10.25356B2Media Office
10.30353B2Financial and Business Services
 1313 SERRU
 353B2Pay Office
10.40346B2Human Resources
380 B2Ballot Box
 320CApplied Biomedical Science School Of
 372CRural Health
10.50358CEnglish Language centre
11.00308AFaculty of Education
 330ACentre Human Movement 
 305ASocial Science Research Centre 
11.10410ANorthern Research Hub
11.15 DAccounting and Finance, School Of  
 315DEconomics,School Of  
 316DManagement, School of  
 317DFaculty of commerce and Law 
11.20319AFaculty of health science info Technology 
 304AITS (information Technology Services)
 303ACafé  Deliver mail to Shop
11.25341ATas Institute Learning &Teaching (TILT) 
 326NCo-Op Bookshop
12.101327 Marketing (Global)
 330GCentre for Human Movement 
12.20345YStudent Examinations
 345YStudent Admin All Downstairs 
 352YStudent Admin All Downstairs
 337YStudent Admin All Downstairs
 338YStudent Admin All Downstairs
 367yStudent Accommodation
12.30354ZUniversity College
12.35333ZStudent Association
   UNI Shop
   Commonwealth Bank
1.00365T8Infrastructure Services and Development
1.00328GymSport and Recreation
1.05359V2Computing, School Of 
 360V2Mathematics, School of  
1.1037027Aquaculture, School of (3rd floor)  
 373 Aquaculture, Compound of (3rd floor)
 36927Faculty of Science and Technology (2nd Floor) Deliver to 3rd Floor 
   Collect from 2nd Floor
 37127Physical Sciences, School of 
 37627Chemistry & Physics
1.25  Department late mail collection from Student Centre.
1.35344 Riawunna (Aboriginal centre next to arts building)
1.40325ArtsSocial Work and Sociology, School of TO 340  (Primary Mail collection and delivery point)
 340BArtsEnglish and European Language and Literature, School of
 343ArtsFaculty of Arts 
 340EArtsHistory and Classics, School of
 340AArtsAsian Languages and Studies, School of 
 340CArtsDistance Education
1.451312 Library - Mail Collection
2.003616Community Child Care Centre 
2.25377LGHSchool of Medicine Clinical School (Integrated Care Building)
 318 Tasmanian Electronic Commerce (PO Box 1880 Launceston)
 408 Marine Environment (Beauty Point)
 409 Ports Shipping  (Beauty Point)
2.40  Return to Launceston Parcel Centre.  Process internal/external mail.

External mail delivery

For delivery times and charges for regular, priority and express post, see the Australia Post website.

Australia Post collects outgoing mail for delivery to recipients outside the University.

  • Letters should be enclosed in a University pre-paid envelope that is clearly labelled with the name and address of the recipient. Mail should be placed in outgoing-mail bags prior to the daily collection time. See below for information about priority and express post services.
  • Parcels should be clearly labelled with the name and address of the recipient and placed in the outgoing-mail bag prior to the daily collection time. See below for information about priority and express post services.
    NB: If you are posting a particularly large or heavy item, or a large number of parcels, please contact ISD (Campus Services) the day before collection so that the delivery driver can organise a trolley.

Postal charges

Regular mail and priority mail: the budget for regular and priority mail costs is centrally managed.

Express post: the cost of express post is the responsibility of individual schools, faculties and divisions. Sections should purchase their own express post bags from Australia Post.

Bulk mail-outs: The cost for bulk mail-outs is managed centrally. See below for more information about bulk mailouts.

PLEASE NOTE:  All “Postage Paid” mail must be mailed through the internal mail and not in a regular post box as the Postage Paid only relates to our central mailing account.  Posting in an external mail box incurs a significant post cost.

Bulk mail-outs

A bulk mail-out is where a particular letter or brochure is mailed to multiple recipients (25 or more).

Before your mail-out, please:

  1. Contact ISD (Campus Services) at least one day before your mail-out so that they we can inform the Australia Post business hub.
  2. Fill in the full-rate mailing statement form (PDF 77.9KB) and include it with your envelopes in the outgoing mail bag.

More information

Contact ISD (Campus Services) or see the Australia Post website.