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Laboratory Medicine

Professional Experience Placement (PEP) provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their developing knowledge, skills and behaviour in a professional healthcare setting. It is a time for students to immerse themselves in the health professional culture; understand the diversity of health care teams, and to develop inter-professional relationships. Practising under the supervision of experienced staff, students will perform laboratory investigations that assist in the diagnosis and treatment of disease: developing their identity as healthcare professionals.

Laboratory Medicine students experience core and specialised areas within a modern diagnostic pathology laboratory and develop an holistic view of the role of the diagnostic pathology laboratory in the healthcare industry. They observe and contribute to patient healthcare via diagnostic techniques offered by the laboratory, further developing practical laboratory skills. They contribute to patient healthcare by observing and further developing practical laboratory skills and learning and apply three years of undergraduate theory (university learning) to professional practice. For more information related to the PEP requirements in either Tasmania or NSW, please click on the appropriate link below:

Tasmanian PEP

Compliance and InPlace

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