Centre for Rural Health


Resilience in transition, health service volunteering and undergraduate rural placements are just a few of the research topics that have captured the imaginations of the rural health research higher degree students. Our Master of Medical Science and PhD candidates are enrolled either full or part-time through the CRH. They have diverse backgrounds including nursing, medicine, pharmacy, teaching and project management, a diversity that reflects the multidisciplinary nature of rural health.

PhD Projects

  • Peter Arvier
    Rural Medical Undergraduate Training as a Pathway to Rural Specialist Medical Practice
  • Danielle Berry
    Under What Circumstances should paramedics perform non-drug facilitated endotracheal intubation in the pre-hospital setting?
  • Heather Brookes
    Rural Community Development: discourses, processes and their impact upon community members
  • Helen Edwards
    'Widening the Net' - The Impact of Online Counselling and Support Programmes on Wellbeing and Diabetes Distress for People with Diabetes in Rural and remote Australia
  • Chona Hannah - Graduated
    Health and wellbeing of intermarried Filipino Women in Rural Tasmania
  • Sharon Hetherington - Graduated
    Physical Activity and Healthy Ageing: The Effects of Enhanced Social Support
  • Cecilia Chiu
    Aged care for older Tasmanian people: A spatial approach for addressing disparaties and planning services.
  • Robyn Collins
    Falls Prevention in residential Aged Care
  • Winifred van Derploeg - Graduated
    The prevalence of functional health literacy of the North West Local Government areas of Tasmania
  • Thao Doan
    Health literacy for older people
  • Ree van Galen
    Primary health care and rural community nurses
  • Debra Carnes
    How is quality and safety dealt with in relation to the clinical nursing practice of nurses working in remote health settings?
  • Lisa Dalton - Graduated
    Us and them: Rural 'other' in undergraduate nursing pharmacy and medical discourse on rural difference
  • Shandell Elmer - Graduated
    Community participation processes in health service organisations in relation to national health policy and industry standards
  • Alex Fitzpatrick
    Children caring for a parent WMID
  • John Henshaw
    Does prereferral direct and indirect communication between referrals and physician improve initial patient outcomes at a rural specialist pain service?
  • Ha Hoang - Graduated
    Maternity Care and Services in Rural Tasmania: The Perspectives of Rural Women and Health Professionals
  • Anne-Marie Lancaster
    Emotional Archeology - emotional literacy as an underpinning to self reflection and emotional wellbeing in teachers
  • Alexandra Clare King
    Older Tasmanians and Food Security
  • Rowena MacKean
    Staying Connected: Investigating Peer-run Community-based Organisations and their Contribution to Older People's Self-assessed Health and Wellbeing
  • Christine Materia
    The Relationship between Connectedness to Nature and the Psychological Impacts of Climate Change
  • Susan Johns - Graduated
    Finding common ground: An examination of the development, sustainability and community outcomes for health, education and community partnerships in Tasmanian rural communities
  • Peter Mulholland
    Inter-Professional Learning (IPL) in Paramedic Practice
  • Melinda Minstrell - Graduated
    Specialist breast nurses: developing an evidence-base for Tasmanian practice
  • Thuy Thanh Le
    Nail Biting in Children - Related Health Problems and Preventive Measures
  • Julie Marie Porter
    The Impact of Mental Health Clinical Traning / Education on Consumer Outcomes
  • Daniel Terry
    Health and wellbeing of International Medical Graduates: Acculturation into the Tasmanian rural and remote context
  • Anna Spinaze
    Evolving primary health and well-being systems for sustainable positive health outcomes in rural and remote Tasmanian communities; in the context of workforce dynamics and social change.
  • Christine Stirling - Graduated
    The trouble with volunteers
  • Joanne Sin Wei Yeoh
    Food security and cultural identity of migrants in the rural Context
  • Yun Yue (Maria) - Graduated
    Health and wellbeing of international students in an Australian tertiary discourse
  • Deborah Elisabe Zwolsman
    Work Ability in an Australian Context

Masters Projects

  • Ha Hoang - Graduated
    A cross-cultural study of the views and attitudes towards maternity care held by migrants in rural Tasmania
  • Fiona Jones - Graduated
    What is the impact of a generic, integrated multiskilled model of volunteer service delivery on rural volunteers within the rural health system
  • Jessica Alice Kawa
    Knowledge and Perceptions of Genetic Cardiac Diseases in Tasmania
  • Annette Louden
    Yoga and Secondary Lymphoedema Acquired from Breast Cancer Treatment
  • Shelagh Lowe
    Primary health care in rural and remote Australia: GP lead multidisciplinary teams - how have Australian Government rural health policies been put into practice?
  • Peter Mulholland - Graduated
    Foundations in ongoing education and training enhancing the role of the rural ambulance worker