Fine Arts: Taster Activities (Years 10-12)

Experience Fine Arts at university

Curious about what it is like to study Fine Arts at university? Want to give it a try? Our experts have developed a suite of ‘tasters’ from our Fine Arts units.

The study of Fine Arts offers empowering, hands-on experiences that give you specialist skills and can be applied into a range of exciting contexts and careers. You will be introduced to the core Fine Arts subjects of Critical Practices, the Printmaking-Drawing Studio, and the Sculpture & Time-based Media Studio via three taster activities.


  • Suitable for Years 10-12
  • Ideal for students studying Level 3 Art subjects at Years 11 and 12
  • Suitable for classroom teaching or to try at home
  • Everything you need is provided in our downloadable online activity pack

The Activities:

Critical Practices are the core units that run throughout the Fine Arts degree.  Through themes we provide skills in writing, making, research and critical thinking.  In this taster we introduce you to the theme of Manifesto and ask you to do an expressive text where you will consider the expressive qualities of words and phrases including media choice, position on the surface, dynamics and legibility.

Printmaking is seen as an extension of drawing, transforming, and extending mark making, and observations through material and process engagement.

Students will be provided with an activity to address the theme of ‘The Everyday’ using printed matter. Students will engage with collage to further an understanding of working with printed matter, considering texture, and positive and negative space.

From big cities like New York to our own city skylines of Hobart and Launceston, tower buildings stand ever taller as the literally increasing scaled illustration of human advances in design and technology.  The tower removed from the city can be a more dramatic and ceremonial signifier.  A structure that is more about date stamping progress, events and times in history than being a structure of human function and use.

This activity asks you to use balsa wood to construct your own tower with the challenge of cradling a raw egg, with some research into towers either ancient, modern, or futuristic to influence your design thinking.

Online activity pack

  • Provides details of each taster activity, the materials required, and links to accompanying resources
  • Background information via a short introductory video
  • Demonstration
  • A downloadable activity sheet
  • Examples of student work
  • Download or visit the online version using the button below

Fine Arts Activities Pack (opens new window) (PDF 209.2 KB)