Graduate Diploma in Education Studies (E6S)

Overview  2024

Entry Requirements

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Minimum 1 Year, up to a maximum of 3 Years


Duration refers to the minimum and maximum amounts of time in which this course can be completed. It will be affected by whether you choose to study full or part time, noting that some programs are only available part time.


This course may not be available to international students. Please see the list of distance courses (i.e. online and taken outside Australia) that are offered to international students

The Graduate Diploma in Education Studies is a one-year course intended to provide an educational qualification for those students wishing to exit from the two-year pre-service teaching degree, Master of Teaching. The program will be offered internally at Hobart campus, full time or part time, and by distance/on-line

This course cannot be used for teacher registration.

  • 1 Utilise a reasoned and critical perspective on all aspects of education theory and practice.
  • 2 Have a capacity to operate in highly diverse contexts, e.g. educational systems.
  • 3 Have curricular and pedagogical competence which would enable effective contribution to educational contexts.
  • 4 Be appropriately collaborative and team focussed in a community of learners.
  • 5 Have the capacity to be resilient learners who make evidence-based lifelong contributions to related educational fields, e.g. curriculum development, learning programs in museums and other community-based organisations, training organisations, and communication-based industries.
  • Course structure

    To qualify to exit with this award you must have completed 100 credit points from the Master of Teaching.

    Entry requirements

    Admission requirements do not apply for this course. The Graduate Diploma inEducation Studies is an exit award only. As such students will not be admitted directly into the course.

    Fees & scholarships

    Domestic students

    Options for this course

    This is a full-fee course, which means you’ll need to pay the full amount for your studies. Commonwealth Supported Places are not available in this course. However, there are still support options available for eligible students to help you manage the cost of studying this course.

    You may be able to fund all or part of your tuition fees by accessing a FEE-HELP loan from the Australian Government. FEE-HELP is a loan scheme that assists domestic full-fee students to pay for University, which is repaid through the Australian Tax System once you earn above a repayment threshold. This means you’ll only have to start repaying the loan once you start earning above a specific amount

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    Further information

    Detailed fee information for domestic students is available at Scholarships, fees and costs, including additional information in relation to the compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).


    For information on general scholarships available at the University of Tasmania, please visit the scholarships website.

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